Inertial manifolds and master-slave synchronization


主讲人:Bj?rn Schmalfuss,Friedrich Schiller University Je




内容先容:We consider dynamical systems and random dynamical systems. We present objects  describing the long time behavior of these systems. Particular objects are  attractors and inertial manifolds. Both objects allow to introduce the concept  of small finite dimensionality of high/infinite dynamical systems. We will  consider inertial manifolds in more details. Two techniques allowing to state  these manifolds are the Lyapunov Perron transform and the graph transform. We  will consider the dynamics on these manifolds by the inertial form. Attractors  and inertial manifolds can be used to describe synchronization of two or more  parallel systems. We will describe the main issues of this topic. All these  things will be applied to random and non-random reaction diffusion equations.

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